Curriculum Resources

Our partners, Mouse and Parsons, created several helpful resources to support the Learning Portfolio process in a range of settings.

Below you will find six modules that walk young people through the portfolio development process. Each module also has a facilitator’s guide with learning objectives and tie-ins to education standards.

Another helpful resource is the series of short videos from Parsons Pre-College Program, in which expert designers and educators share best practices for creating digital portfolios.

Mouse Create Learning Portfolio Curriculum

DreamYard and Parsons partnered with Mouse to create a free and open curriculum that supports the Learning Portfolio process.

The curriculum consists of six modules that include information on documenting process, basic design principles, and tips for telling your learning story. Students can walk through the modules themselves or they can be facilitated by an educator. Each module has a facilitator’s version.

Click below to access the modules via Google Docs: 

If you would like to learn more about working with Mouse at your school or organization, please contact Janine Quijije, Senior Director of Development:

Learning Portfolio Videos from Parsons Pre-College Program

Parsons Pre-College Program created a series of videos for The Learning Portfolio Project. Their first video explains, What is a Portfolio? The other seven videos are short clips with advice from educators and designers on how to create a Learning Portfolio.

Producer: Jessica Walker // Director: Cristina Muller

Resources for Slide Portfolios

For many schools, the best starting place is a classroom-level slideshow portfolio of work from the semester or the year. These slideshows can be created from a template, as well as personalized.

Here is an example:

Usually, these slideshows can include:

  • A Title slide with student’s name
  • A Table of Contents slide with linked categories
  • An About Me slide
  • Slides for each category

You can use the tutorials and walkthrough below to help your students set up their slide-based Learning Portfolio:

All videos are produced by Rudy Blanco as a part of the Learning Portfolio Project, a partnership between DreamYard and Parsons funded by the Hive Digital Media and Learning Fund at the New York Community Trust.

Digital Portfolio Design Walkthrough